Stack’em- Tower of Roots


Tower of roots

Tower of Roots

Tower of Roots


What you need

Beetroots 2 Very Large

Carrots 6 medium

Potatoes 4

Parsley half a cup, finely chopped

Tofu 150g blocks

Extra Virgin olive oil

What you do

  1. Boil the large beetroots in water until soft. 2. Cut the carrots into thin rings and blanch until el dente. 3. Boil the potatoes until soft. 4. When the beetroots are soft remove from the heat to slightly cool. Peel the beetroots and place them upright on a chopping board. Take your stack ring and firmly push down on the beet. Using the ring like a cookie cutter. Place the ring on its side and slowly push the beet out of the ring. When it protrudes 1cm take your knife and use the edges of the ring as guidance to cut a straight base. Continue until you have straight and neatly cut bases for your stacks.

For the mash: Use a hand blender and blend the finely chopped parsley with a bit of olive oil. Add your potatoes bit by bit. If the mash is to dry add more olive oil. The mash should be smooth, creamy and silky.

Stack’em: Line your stack ring with wax paper. Place your beetroot base at the bottom. Add seasoning. Next add the rings of carrots and season them. Finally top the lot with the creamy mash. Bake in a preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes until it is heated through. Serve with Tofu blocks and a drizzle of extra Virgin Olive oil.